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JZJ-1592 recycled plastic scrap

JZJ-1592 recycled plastic scrap
Product Detailed

recycled plastic scrap
No special requirements for raw materials
Much more energy saving and environmental

 recycled plastic scrap 

recycled plastic scrap Advantages of the Streamlined Equipments

1.  Conducting comprehensive disposal to rubber tyres can produce black carbon and tyre oil at the same time.

2.  Every set of equipment is composing of parts:

a, host (with shell body machine),

b, sub-air package

c,cooling system (tank cooling, coil type cooling, tubular cooling, etc, can choose)

d, cooling tower

e, oil tanks

f ,heavy oil tank

g, water tank (safety system),

h,gas combustion system (including the air blower, gas gun), etc

i,flue condenser

j,sulfur removal system (3) with sprinkler head desulphurization

k,dregs system (automatic sealing dregs)

l, draft fan

m, reducer

n, electric control cabinet

3.  Domestic pioneer of this technology

a.  The producing process of the whole facility is operating under confined state, which has good environment prevent effectiveness.

b.  The design of the key equipment- split processor overcomes the disadvantage of vertical flat-bottom split processor at home, such as asymmetry heated, easy split, low yield and short life-time etc. The mainframe adopts horizontal, revolving 360o structure-1.2 R/M.

c.  Safety feed-in and discharge system. The highest feed-in quantity of GM-6000 is 8-10ton/day. The highest of combined equipment is 24-30ton/day.

d.  Effective gas heating system. In the process of producing, when the gas was heated to 150o, it will produce a large amount of unliquefied gas-CH4--C4H8 ,  which can’t be formed at normal temperature, normal pressure. If those gases have been fully burning by the specific designed gas nozzle, they can produce a great amount of energy and economize resources.

e.  Fuel dust catcher system, which match with Bidirectional water impact Cyclone dust Room to ensure the discharge amount of fuel outlet meet national standard.


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