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JZJ-1595 plastic recycling machinery With CE

JZJ-1595 plastic recycling machinery With CE
Product Detailed

plastic recycling machinery
The host machine is finished ,not need to reinvest
Automatic sludge discharge

           plastic recycling machinery

 is degumming,tarish,depicking deodorization,resolution which is to refine the gross oil ...

    waste plastic refining equipment is degumming,tarish,depicking deodorization,resolution which is to refine the gross oil of animal and plant.

   It has the Main Technological Characteristics as follows:

   (1) Security: Our facilities have anti-blocking device, also has pressure gauges, alarms, safety valves, vacuum equipment, normal operation are to work under negative pressure or atmospheric pressure. In case of congestion, resulting in pressure, there is alarm, if the alarm, or sleep not to hear the workers do not have automatic decompression valve, that there can be accidents. Remember that the workers shall operate normally, always check pressure gauges, alarm, safety valve pipe flow. Equipment operation process, the shift workers are not free to leave their posts, but can not sleep, Jingzhongchangming, to ensure safety in production.
   (2) environmental protection: environmental protection into the water, slag, gas, sound four parts.

  a.water in two parts, one condensing water, into what kind of water, what kind of release of water, recycling, only the temperature high, no pollution. 

  b. slag was a by-product, carbon black can do, Pastes, add the chemicals can be made after the coal industry or agriculture.

  c. gas in two parts, first produced in the refining process of exhaust over C4 (Composition with methane, ethane, propane, butane), and hydrogen, sent through the exhaust gas recovery system by burning furnace, which optimizes the environmental protection; the second is generated when burning coal or exhaust smoke, through the dust treatment, to ensure that national requirements meet the emission standards, the odor emission during operation.

  d.Noise: Noise emissions are below the national standard.
   (3) energy: recycling of exhaust gas, and fire science channel design can save energy, thereby reducing costs.
   (4) Long life: hot stove, long life, but not energy, its consumption of energy is much greater than the cost of furnace repair costs, direct burning reactor energy but short life, this is a contradiction, the company part of the reaction vessel by fire thick steel plate approach taken to resolve this conflict, part of the plate by the oxidation of the fire quickly, generally use the 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm thickness of steel plate, or 12mm thick stainless steel plate, other parts of the slow oxidation by 12mm thick 20g plate, such devices not only energy and long life.
   (5) high degree of automation: the high profile device, with a small forklift, conveyor, automatic feeding machine. Automatic feed, automatic slagging, automatic alarm, automatic decompression, automatic adjustment of negative pressure, exhaust auto recycling.
   (6) mature technology: oil refining industry is a special industry (high-profit high-risk), technology is important, the company engaged in oil refining for many years, has a wealth of experience to ensure user safety, and better oil yield, recovery.
   (7) service with guaranteed: Our company is a Christian background of the company, corporate culture embodies a "love" word is not to sell device companies sell devices, but to help you make a successful sale devices, quality and service Our commitment and responsibility, to help your success is our aim. With the industries, we have a good reputation.
   (8) low cost: Our company is located in the suburbs, all costs are lower, with the local industrial structure improvement of advanced processing equipment, complete generally do not need external processing, combined with user interests oriented business philosophy, natural the price is low.

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